Here’s why you should hire a personal driver written

We all love movies, or, at least, a majority of Americas, and we all admire seeing movie characters being treated like Kings. Car doors being opened at the snap of their fingers, kids being picked from school, drivers being sent on errands and a lot more that makes us think that having a personal driver is a luxury for the wealthy 1% only, and it’s extremely unnecessary to you. Sorry to say this, but you too can and should hire a personal driver.

Another article on hiring a personal driver.

Though Hollywood has a funny way of showing it (they always have a funny way of showing everything), having a personal driver plays to your advantage, I’ll show you how.
It gives you more time with your family
Kids never have self-awareness, they ask you anything and anywhere and expect you to answer them. They’ll ask you to help them in doing something, and they never care that you’re driving, you’ll ask them to wait, and they’ll be unhappy. Your wife, girlfriend or fiancé may be talking to you about an important issue, but your focus is so much on the road, I need not say what will follow.
A personal driver gives you peace of mind. When your daughter asks you to help, gladly help without worrying about the road, when your fiancé, wife or girlfriend talks to you, show them that they are all you care about in the world.

Get your errands done on time every time

Who likes to take their car to the garage for servicing and wait patiently until the friendly attendants get done? That’s right. Your personal driver. Who enjoys driving into gas stations and refilling your fuel tank? You right again, your driver. And who enjoys driving your car to the car wash and ensure it’s all clean? You got that right too. Your personal driver.
Having a personal driver takes away the worries of when is your next service, at what time will you get to the car wash or having to remember to pass by a gas station. You never have to worry about the condition of your car. Probably you’ll just remember that you paid for gas a while back. That’s the life we all want.

Don’t pay attention to that female voice

Part of a personal driver’s job is to master the road you’re travelling on. You may find the GPS voice attractive (I do) but nobody ever wants to be told to turn right, or left, or keep driving even when you obviously know there isn’t a turn anywhere around.
Next time you are on a road trip, you won’t hear that voice. You know why? Because you’ll be in the back left seat, playing angry birds with your daughter.
And, having a personal driver doesn’t cost a fortune
Most of my friends who shy away from hiring own drivers think that they’ll have to mortgage their houses to pay their own drivers. Well, unless you’ve mistaken personal driver for a private pilot, having a personal driver should be cheap enough.
The last time you spent so much time looking for parking space should have been the last time you ever did so, not because parking spaces have multiplied but because you’ve left that task to your personal driver. We live once; we deserve to live like kings. Have a look at this Youtube channel to see videos about chaffuers.

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