Top 3 Hatchbacks of 2014

If you’re considering to buy a hatchback car then feel yourself as lucky, as it is amongst the most competitive sectors in the world of cars, hence you’ll find a huge variety of models to pick from.

This means that you have models which are practical, solidly built and cheap on fuel costs, yet with better drive experience. Many companies have increased their warranties in recent times. Some of the car showrooms also provide you with decent discounts and smart deals likewise.

1. SEAT Leon hatchback

leonThis car shares most of its parts with the VW Golf, as a result SEAT Leon is a practical and well-built hatchback which can be very fun to drive. The best thing about this car is that you’ll get all the features of the VW Golf, for a value which undercuts the VW by almost £1,000. Even though the SEAT Leon does not provide you with the same type of engines as the VW Golf, still it’s possible to select between economy, performance and a mix of both. Economy of up-to 74.3 mpg and CO2 releases of as little as 99g/km means the Leon is more economical to drive. Leon offers a good compromise in between performance and economy.

Price starts from £16,115

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2. Skoda Octavia hatchback

octaviaSimilar to the SEAT Leon, the Octavia shares majority of its parts with the VW Golf, however the Octavia’s bigger body offers it with a much more boot space when compared with the rival cars, for example the Ford Mondeo. As a result you get a car which is safe, looks smart, competitively priced, properly built, practical, spacious, fun to drive and well equipped. The car is quite cheap for driving with the emissions of CO2 starting at 99g/km and economy of up-to 74mpg.

Price starts from £16,310

3. Hyundai i30 hatchback

i30Despite the fact that most of the manufacturers’ cars are trying to get stiffer suspension and bigger wheels for better handling, the i30 from Hyundai concentrates on offering its buyers with a quiet interior and a smooth drive. The Hyundai i30 provides you with similar amount of space as with the Golf from Volkswagen, however this car fails to match the interior quality of the German competitor. The gaps are getting smaller, although. For now, a low price range, five-year warranty which is quite excellent, in addition to the CO2 emissions figures and the economy of 96g/km and up-to 76.3mpg respectively mean that the Hyundai i30 hatchback is amongst of the top models on this list of the best hatchback cars 2014 particularly if you are someone with a tight budget.

Price starts from £14,605

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